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Sample Letter to the Governor

Please mail a copy of your letter to the following address so that it can be included in the legal breif to Governor Corzine:  NOA / Kamau Action Fund, 314 Wright Street, Wilmington, NC 28401

June 26, 2006

Governor Jon Corzine
Office of the Governor
PO Box 001
Trenton, N.J 08625

Dear Governor Corzine,

I am writing to ask you to pardon Kamau Marcharia who had been arrested and served time in prison in New Jersey many years ago for a crime he never committed. I have known Mr. Marcharia for a long time. He is man of gentleness, intelligence and integrity who has served his community for many years. I have worked with him in the cause of justice for many years and doing so, as I am sure you understand, has brought him some political enemies.

His case, like the case of many Black men, is part of the history of racism that we must remember and not allow it to destroy the good work that Mr. Marcharia does today to heal the world. The “Robert Lewis” case, (as Mr. Marcharia was then known) unfortunately is coming back to haunt Mr. Marcharia by some people who oppose his leadership locally in South Carolina.

As a leader yourself, you know how easy it is to spread rumor and innuendo to try to destroy the character of a person. In Jewish tradition, spreading false rumors is akin to murder, so our tradition finds the false talk about Mr. Marcharia a terrible crime.

At this point, in order to continue his good work, he needs an official pardon for the crime he never committed. You have the power to pardon him. Please do this. It is the right thing to do. It will help our democracy. It will be step in beginning to heal the history of racism we are all heir to.


Michael Jacoby Brown
Executive Director

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